Companies are turning to video games to motivate employees, as everyone expects something different from corporate culture.

Did you know that the culture of organizations is increasingly important? Because it's not just about internal processes, there are also external influences. The world is experiencing a great cultural and economic moment full of challenges on a global level. It is for this reason that we take over at Gamifying the Corporate Culture (GCC).

Companies are turning to video games to motivate employees, as everyone expects something different from corporate culture.

Coca Cola FEMSA, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America and second biggest globally behind The Coca-Cola Company, needed a way to train 600 people across all geographies on corporate culture within time limit while also ensuring measurable results. Teams was approached by them with this question: "How does one get 6 thousand employees trained on company culture?" Together we were able to adapt EXPOLINK TRAINING - an interactive gamified system that allows for 100% of information being taught through game play. This made it easier for learners to retain lessons learned better as well as encouraged participation which facilitated more effective training sessions thus leading up towards measurable success rates.


We were able to access a restricted website for only employees of Coca Cola FEMSA without requesting any information, all we had to do was log in with our secure system. Information is safe by using the IP variation detection and making sure intruders are unable to enter while protecting valuable confidential data. The platform can be customized 100% in Portuguese or Spanish


After much research and discussion, we have created a platform that provides personalized content in an unprecedented 15 days. The participants can then play and learn from anywhere at any time in part one alone or with their team members for the next phase of this challenge which fosters teamwork among colleagues while connecting people together to work towards achieving common goals.


The competition is like the Olympics for a company. The participants are ambassadors of their brand and gain knowledge about how to better represent it, all while discovering information that they never knew before. This program gives organizers vital data on who participated in what point during the event with an eye towards promoting healthy competitive spirit as well as internal motivation among employees


Coca-Cola FEMSA and TEAMS are both coming together to create a better world in the workplace for all generations.