Convention to promote brain stimulation

Convention to promote brain stimulation

Human brains require stimulation to perform at full potential, especially stimulation achieved through pleasant and delightful experiences. This stimulation makes the brain work better and improves focus. As the world moved to online work and work from home, this stimulation minimized to a great extent.

Now, organizations started looking for ideas to stir the environment to regain their focus, attention span and mental alertness. To facilitate this brain stimulation TEAMS came up with many suitable solutions that work online.


A recent successful event from TEAMS was held for a pharmaceutical company. In this convention, a series of fun games and activities were held for the company's employees. The selection of virtual games was made, keeping the required outcomes in perspective. The management expected the activities to promote the values of coexistence and engagement.


We selected virtual games that needed team building, and everyone had to communicate with the team and build a rapport with each other to win. These games were mostly team challenges like Arctic challenge, CSI(Crime Scene Investigation), Escape and film festival.


The challenges proved helpful to provide the much needed intellectual stimulation and positive excitement. This company management reported the positive effects of this convention. They think this event increased productivity, team integration and the fun environment in the organization.


A little time stolen from the work hours to introduce fun and games has tremendous effects on overall productivity and the organizations' environment. These happy hours are incredibly effective and essential in pandemic times when people are missing the human touch and togetherness.


Another aspect of introducing a fun time in the organization is depression and anxiety. As the work from home environment is challenging for many; therefore, work-related anxiety is rising. Virtual games and happy hours are a solution to cope with this situation implicitly without traditional lectures and workshops.


TEAMS is proud to introduce unique and exciting ideas to cultivate positive values in organizations to make the work environment pleasant and lively.