Virtual Fair - A bridge between Companies and Students

Virtual Fair - A bridge between Companies and Students

Covid19 has changed the way things work in the world. Virtual events are the new normal in the social distancing scenario. Job fairs are no exceptions. Therefore, TEAMS has come up with a comprehensive and the most efficient platform for virtual job fairs.


Through our software platform, the companies and students are able to connect and communicate with each other, just like in a physical job fair. Every company is allotted a separate virtual booth that they can brand according to their own preferences. Companies can use their school trademarks, colors, and informative content and documents for students.


Virtual fairs open doors of opportunities for both companies and students. Prospective students and company representatives can meet each other and exchange their career options. Everyone can join this fair with a single click and have access to the best of talent and opportunities available globally.


A wide base of an audience is the greatest advantage for both students and company administration. Students have access to the best university advisors and they are able to present their best portfolio. This opportunity has the potential to change the lives of many.


Every student can see all the online booths of companies. They can search for organizations based on their preferences. They enter the online booth to gather available information. Students can chat face to face with the representatives. The chat is supported with audio and video for clear communication.


Students and companies can exchange their support documents with each other for future references. Organizations are also interested in getting the survey forms filled by students and visitors. These survey forms give universities and organizations an insight into the interests and queries.